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We help companies attract customers, improve customer experience, and apply data-driven strategies.

Data Warehousing

We collect and integrate data from various sources ( i.e. transactional database, file systems, cloud data, flat files) into a centralized data warehouse where you are able to easily access and manipulate all your company data from one single place.

Collected and integrated data is transformed during loading process into database system, then prepared for exploration, ad-hoc analysis, and modeling. We implement highly scalable data processing scripts to aggregate, clean and transform data to an appropriate format.
Reporting Software

With the data centralized, cleaned, and transformed, business users are able to analyze data and be self-sufficient using modern Business Intelligence tools. Create actionable dashboards and custom reports without the need to learn code.

Customer Quote:

“DAPA Solutions has helped us save countless hours in reporting, analytics, and running our business.”

Together with business users, defined problems are solved through conclusions from the data exploration process. Developed solutions will organize and help you to discover patterns in the data and allow you to anticipate future events.

We create rich visualized dashboards and reports that facilitate sharing the most important insights and KPI’s inside or outside your organization. You will reduce user interactions and save time while the business intelligence system will do everything for you. It will help you to make the right business decisions and let you manage the organization consciously.

By telling your story in clear, compelling ways in digital reporting and everywhere else within your company, you will be unlocking business value and improving your results.


Take Advantage of The Numbers The Benefits of using Our Analysis Software

Centralized Data

Your time is valuable. Spend it making solid, data-driven decisions—not worrying about aggregating data and preparing reports.

Data Consistency

Having everyone at your institution on the same page, safely and consistently accessing the same data and the same reporting…priceless.

Analytical Insight
Our predictive and behavioral analytical models and reporting provide you with the insight you need to effectively manage your portfolios and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Simplify Your Analysis

We’ve simplified the process of analyzing your portfolios through a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use data warehousing, analytics, and reporting.


“They are experienced and can explain the steps of a new process to improve. … [W]e are very satisfied with their modeling because it is accurate, and we enjoy their work attitude.” – Strategic Planning Manager, Financial Institution