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We help companies gain market share and increase profitability by successfully applying data management and analytics to real-life business scenarios. We implement data management and analytics using different platforms such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, Oracle and open source technologies. Reporting in our solutions is done using self-service tools that allow business users to be independent of IT departments.

Our Business Intelligence consulting services will help you extract knowledge from your data, integrate (ETL) it into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and turn it into daily insights with interactive dashboards using such tools as Power BI, Tableau or Looker. Reliable data analysis and reporting will guide you to faster and consistent growth, but execution must be done so with precision and with excellence and experience. That’s where DAPA Solutions comes in.

In the Business Intelligence project, a Data Warehouse is the critical part of the data processing ecosystem as it controls data integration and master data management processes better data integration, harmonization and quality delivered the more advanced, reliable and insightful analysis is possible.

Our Business Intelligence services will help you to step into a data-driven world and modernize your existing business analytics systems. We will help you to extract insight from data you are collecting and turn it into profits and insights. DAPA Solutions has provided companies with Business Intelligence services for data integration (ETL), in-memory analytics and innovative reporting.



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